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Pigging systems in production plants improve the industrial hygiene within the pipe system. After the product gets pressed out by the pig the remaining product residues can be rinsed out by the propellant medium and/or by an fluid between the pigs. Additionally, the use of biocides and disinfectants can prevent the clogging of the pipe and minimize the contamination through microbiological germs. Thereby, the formation of a biofilm which influences the product quality and causes an immediate and costly cleaning of the pipeline can be prevented.


The experience with industrial applications of pigging

technology has shown, that common pig valves can often become sources of microbiological contamination themselves. As they leave unreachable gaps, which cannot be cleaned during the product switching operation, a constant biofilm can remain inside the pipe. A potential local infection - maybe so small that it does not even get detected in a sample - can lead to critical consequences to product quality with a time delay.

HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik

The hygienic pigging valve of the HYGHLINE - series combines the advantages of pigging technology with "Hygienic Design". A fully rinsable sealing cone is used for the pig line, which has no dead zones in which product remains and can germinate. On the product side, a diaphragm ensures that the product space can be rinsed out at any time, regardless of the switching position of the valve. When changing product or cleaning the tank, the pipeline between the pig valve and the tank can be freed from product and cleaned with little effort. The most efficient solution for cleaning this section is our Ecoline Pipe Purification.


Our hygienic pigging valve is equipped with our redesigned pig stopper as outlet fitting to completely empty the pigging pipe at this outlet point. The reinforced mandrel reaches through the pigging line into a counter bearing to avoid deformation both of the stopper and the pig. HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions offer safety and reliability for your production plant.



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The pigging valve.

Impressions of hygienic pigging

HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Launching and Receiving Station

Hygienic from the outset

Hygienic Launching Station by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Near the german coastline we say: A dike is only as strong as its weakest point. In terms of hygiene in a pig line, this means that the entire pigging system must meet the highest hygiene requirements without any local inaccuracy that may risk an infection. The HYGHLINE Launching Station is therefore your hygienic start into pigging technology.


In contrast to previous designs, there are no extensions, nozzles or moving rods in this Launching Station to which product residues adhere, are carried away and can no longer be washed off. This prevents microbial contamination, which would be carried from here into the entire pigging system.

HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik

The HYGHLINE Launching Station uses resetting pistons to

feed and discharge liquids and compressed air. In their "closed"

position, these pistons reproduce the contour of the pig line. Thereby product residues are always reached by the pig lips, transported away and cleaned off, thus avoiding germ sources.


The pigs can be removed for changing via the inserted magazine in an application-safe manner, as the magazine is released by program control. Therefore the user does not have to face any pressure, dangerous liquids or danger of crushing by moving parts when removing the pigs. Using a second, prepared magazine allows the user to perform a safe and quick change.

For a clean arrival

Hygienic Receiving Station by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

As the receiving equivalent to the HYGHLINE Launching Station, this Station uses the resetting pistons to follow the "Hygienic Design". But Hygienic design alone does not ensure cleanliness, it also takes an adapted cleaning process.


The Receiving Station does not only receive the pigs and drives them back into the starting position. After receiving the pigs the contaminated surfaces get cleaned inside the Receiving Station through a cleaning bypass. Therefore the pig itself works as a sealing to prevent the cleaning fluid to run into the pig line. After this important step the clean pigs get sent back to the Launching Station, ready for the next product change.

HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik

HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Hygienic pigs

Changing pigging technology

Hygienic pigs by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions
HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik

Focused on the pig

The look at the past state of pigging technology should also focus on the pigs themselves. The change of the products, in formulation and conservation, as well as the partly negative experiences made with existing pigging systems gave the requirements for a pig that had to be developed. And we did.


The pig is suddenly no longer detected in your plant. Adjusting the pig detectors may help in the short term, but it still bothers you. The reason is shown in the following video:


HYGHLINE Pigging Solution - Molch und Magnetfeld

HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Further developments in pigging technology

Back and forth - all worries swept away

Hygienic Inlet Collectors by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Product collectors and distributors are usually permanently filled with product and are rarely cleaned. Here, dead zones in which germs can occur are quickly caused by design and production planning. Product collectors at production tanks are just as susceptible to contamination. After dosages, product residues remain here, which dry out and clog the pipe. These product residues also quickly become contaminated and are flushed into the batch.


Our solutions are fully rinsable product collectors and distributors, which are based on our patented hygienic pigging valve. The pig valves are connected to each other in the product chamber, so that they themselves form a collector or distributor. From here, product can now be fed from a tank into the selected pig line or product can be taken from a specific pigging pipe and fed to a batch. After completion of the dosage, two flushing lances clean the collector to counteract clogging and biofilm due to product build-up. The resulting rinsing water is not fed into the production tank but into the waste water system. Done.

Additive feeding hygienically automated

Hygienic additive feeds by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Why so complicated?

Many tanks as sources or targets and small quantities to be dosed. If you don't think about it, you end up with a huge pipe package, dead zones with germs and an inflexible system. Do you need a better solution?

HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik
HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik

Here it is -

hygienic and fully automated

Piggable and hygienic. Avoid piping packages and dead zones. With our hygienic additive feed you have only one pipeline. Always cleaned and expandable at any time.

Control and safety

Hybrid Control by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions

Pigging technology continues to develop - in the offices of R+B Technik. This is where our self-developed pigging cruise control system was created and tested on our own pigging test stand. With this pigging cruise control system it is possible to realize so-called air-air driven pigging with the optimal velocity for your needs. Our speed control provides a constant and smooth pigging process. This has several advantages, as it prevents the pigs from destruction by hitting the pigging stations, prevents aquaplaning and thus an insufficient cleaning result and reduces the seal lip wear. In addition to simple pigging processes between tanks, our Hybrid Control can also be used for calibrated filling operations to 10-litre-receptacles. If you are interested, you are kindly invited to get to know the products of HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions by R+B Technik in our office by means of practical examples.

HYGHLINE Hygienische Molchtechnik


Constant air/air driven pigging with R+B Technik

Fast moving pigs can be a threat. In addition to man and machine, product quality is also endangered. Very high pigging speeds can lead to "aquaplaning". Our solution for a constant pigging speed is described in the following article:

For simple applications

Pig valves by HYGHLINE Pigging Solutions


Not every application requires the highest demands on hygiene. If, for example, cross-contamination is to be reduced to a minimum when changing products, you can benefit from our pig valves for simple applications.